Washington County, Texas March 31, 2018 – Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation is celebrating its 30th year as a non-profit water supply corporation.

Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation (CWCWSC) was created by a group of local individuals and incorporated March 4, 1988 for the purpose of furnishing clean water for both general farm use and domestic purposes to individuals residing in the county. The water supply corporation’s jurisdiction covers approximately 100 square miles in central Washington County.

The original directors leading the corporation were Lois Albright, David Hohlt, Laura Jurries, Rueben Kelm and Calvin Lehde. On December 27, 1989 Washington County Commissioners Court authorized CWCWSC to install water lines within the right of way and under county maintained roads in the area.

Even in our 30th year of operation our goals have remained the same, we are committed to providing the highest quality water and service to our members,” said Ken Miller, current Board President, “We also want to prudently manage the operation to be able to expand our services to new members.”

Today Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation extends water service to 845 members by operating three wells and maintaining miles of service lines and equipment in the area. CWCWSC is managed by Professional General Management Services (PGMS) out of Dripping Springs, Tex. and a board of directors. The current Board of Directors includes Ken Miller, president; Howard Mead, vice president; Butch Bugaj, treasurer; Ella Rau, secretary; and Bobby Pozinski, Larry Rennell and Joe Robertson, directors.

The board recently obtained a 2.8 million dollar loan from the Texas Water Development Board to add a second well and standpipe to support the Berlin Plant location. The project is in the design and environmental study phase with Strand O’Malley Engineering. Construction is to be completed in 2019.

CWCWSC members and the public are invited to attend board meetings held on the third Monday of the month at 5:30pm at the PGMS office located at 201 S. Market St., Brenham, Tex.

History of CWCWSC

Please click below for a PDF of the history of CWCWSC:

CWCWSC History Timeline