Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation (CWCWSC) is a non-profit Corporation organized under Article 1434a of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas of 1925 and was filed in the Office of the Secretary of the State of Texas on March 14, 1988. CWCWSC was formed for the purpose of furnishing a water supply for general farm use and domestic purposes to individuals residing in the rural communities of Washington County, Texas that are not within a municipality’s extra territorial jurisdiction for providing water.  CWCWSC’s jurisdiction covers approximately 100 square miles of Central Washington County

Every person owning or having a fee simple title to real property within the CWCWSC’s certified service area has the right to become a member. CWCWSC is operated under the direction of a Board of seven Directors, who are volunteers, members of the CWCWSC and are elected by the members.

The Board has engaged Professional General Management Services, Inc. (PGMS) to manage water operations and handle system accounts.  At each monthly Board meeting, a manager from PGMS reports the current financial accounts, water operations, water customer activity and other issues related to water operations.

In 2013, CWCWSC hired O’Malley Engineers to conduct a water system study and network analysis to evaluate the supply, storage, and pumping capacities for the entire system.  In addition to providing an up-to-date map of all facilities and customer locations, the study evaluated system capacities of existing supply, treatment and storage facilities, and made growth projections to help the Board prepare for future system improvements to meet members’ water requirements. In 2014, CWCWSC exceeded the number of customers that O’Malley Strand to update the study and recommend a solution to provide for growth through 2020.

O”Malley Strand’s updated report was presented in December, 2015.  Continued growth necessitates adding an additional well, standpipe and assorted improvements in the near future. The Board has purchased land for a new well, obtained $2.8MM financing from TWDB for a new well, standpipe and water plant. The new facilities will be onstream in late 2020.

As of December 1, 2019, CWCWSC had 870 active water connections.

Seidel, Schroeder & Company, Certified Public Accountants, audits the financial statements of the CWCWSC each year and provides a written report to the Board.

Major Events Timeline

1988 – Central Washington County Water Supply Corporation was incorporated on March 4th by a group of local individuals for the purpose of furnishing clean water for both general farm use and domestic purposes to individuals residing in the county. The water supply corporation’s jurisdiction would be approximately 100 square miles of central Washington County. The original directors leading the corporation were Lois Albright, David Hohlt, Laura Jurries, Rueben Kelm and Calvin Lehde.

1989 – Washington County Commissioners Court authorized CWCWSC to install water lines within the right-of-way and under county maintained roads in the area.

1991 – Phase 1 construction began on the Berlin Plant. Right-of-way easements could then be obtained and filed by potential members to start receiving water from the corporation. CWCWSC first field operators responsible for maintaining the system were Lloyd Haevischer and George Wied.

1994 – Phase 2 construction began on the Longpoint Plant in July. Membership grew and a third well was installed on Hoddeville School Road. 1995 -The completion of Phase 2 allowed water service to be provided to a larger area of rural Washington County beginning in November of 1995 and the corporation grew to 411 members.

2000 – From the early 1990’s to the mid 2000’s many local residents worked hard to keep the corporation operating and growing. Jackie Powell (1991-2006) wore many hats including Office Manager and managing the field operators, all while she helped managed Northeast Washington County Water supply Corporation. Mark Kettler was the System Operator from 1996 to 2002.

2001 – Troy Meyer was hired to train under Mr. Kettler to be the future System Operator.

2002 – Joe Wooley was hired as System Operator to support Mr. Meyer and Joe is still with the corporation today. Board members included David Hohlt, president; Waldo Nienstedt, vice president; Jan Kelm, secretary/treasurer; and Earl Schwenke, David Blakey and Butch Bugaj, directors.